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Since 1976, Overland Models has been a premier designer of fine brass scale models. We are dedicated to preserving rail history – and celebrating its future – by creating the most accurate and highest quality reproductions of your favorite trains, past and present. Overland creates limited production brass models in HO, O and N scales. Kadee : Rivarossi - All Products Shop by Scale Shop by Category Direct Shop online shopping HOn3 HO S On3 O #1 G Scale New Generation Type E Remote Kadee RC Magne-Matic Couplers Delayed Magnetic Uncoupling Freight Cars Logcar Kits Trucks HGC Two Piece Fully Equalized Wheelset Uncouplers Conversion RTR kadeecouplers Metal Bulk #5 20-Series 30-Series NEM 362 Shelf Electrical Pickup Caboose ...

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In 1963, Pocher is transformed into an S.p.A. and capital comes in from Rivarossi, of Alessandro Rossi, which provides the resources for placing the model railway production that is now consolidated, next to the new automotive passion that, thanks to a carefully chosen reproduction scale, could stupefy the enthusiasts with a quality never seen ...
Rivarossi – Trainz. He then began producing higher quality models, and for more than fifty years, Rivarossi became known as one of the most exotic producers of model trains in the market. In 2003, Rivarossi went under receivership, and in 2004, Hornby Railways acquired assets from Rivarossi including the Arnold, Jouef, Rivarossi ... Athearn Athearn HO RTR 50' FMC Superior Plug Box,SF/Quality#152044. $27.18 $33.98. Earn $1.35 store credit. 4 units available. Save 20%

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These models are of very high quality with the finest detailing and running characteristics. 1 2 RIVAROSSI HL1671 SBB, 4-unit base set EMU class RABe 503 in white livery, contains 2 powerheads (one of them driven) and 2 intermediate coaches, period VI
Pocher's parent company Rivarossi was sold in 2000. After outlasting many US importers and parent companies, Pocher was liquidated in 2000, the assets being sold to Hornby International. Hornby has recently revived the Pocher brand with the new Lamborghini Aventador kits, with more metal parts and even better quality than the old Ferrari F40 kit.. These models are of very high quality with the finest detailing and running characteristics. RIVAROSSI HR6424 FS, 2-unit set flat wagons type Rgs, loaded with steel slabs, period V-VI HR6424

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Dec 28, 2020 · AHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturers) appears around 1960 in the North American market. Headed by Bernie Paul, AHM imported hobby products from a number of locations around the world. Primarily remembered today for its model railroading lines, which largely consisted of HO-scale (1/87th) offerings, AHM also saw itself with N-scale (1/160th) and O-scale (1/48th) trains for a... Read more »
...this is how we can describe our kind of products: We develop, produce and sell articles around model railroad and modelbuilding. No matter if you are a model railroader or if you pursue marine, airplaine or car modelling: Some of our products might help you to experience an even more realistic way of modelling and thus having a lot more fun with your hobby. CD Quality Sound . FULL -LINE. ZIMO RETAILER. ... HO Rivarossi 2-8-4 Berkshire NYC&StL Nickle Plate Road #765 with Standard and Safety Tender . Powered: Yes .

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We stock a tremendous selection of electric and battery powered train sets from Bachmann, Kato, Lionel, LGB, and Walthers in all popular scales. We are not a big box store without knowledge of model railroading.
Rivarossi manufactures quality model railroad freight cars great for any layout. Shop Rivarossi models today!Enter search information and click the Search button below. Use the TAB key to move between fields. Equipment For Sale

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Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming. Screen Recorder. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. Enterprise. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. Founded in 1945 in Como, Italy by Alessandro Rossi whose passion for trains began when he was a child. In the early years Rivarossi catered to children because Alessandro was producing trains with speeds in a more realistic ratio to scale. He then began producing higher quality models, and for more than fifty years, Ri

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1584 Rivarossi Ho Big Boy (31.3% similar) This is an Italian made precision built locomotive. This locomotive is equipped with knuckle coupler and the original horn hook supplied in tender package insert. Rivarossi big boy ho original and complete locomotive comes with box, foam inserts, parts guide instructions.
Quality of paint and lettering was for the time quite high. The trucks rolled OK but with two piece wheels on axles the gauge was unreliable. The passenger cars were Rivarossi; the IHC cars are not and while IHC did seem to be AHM reborn there are now many differences.